PHOTOS : Sextastic Girl Selena Gomez in Hot Bikini at Vacation in Mexico

April 18, 2015 Author: Vishwagujarat

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez Now in her bikini body pink form down Mexico way. How do I lust thee? Let me caress all the ways.

The pop diva petite bit of sextastic took a vacation down south of the border with some of her girlfriends who all got into bikinis to giggle and splash and check out each other’s bodies as I’m pretty sure all girls do when they get together on bikini vacations.

Just the ladies, maybe a little lesbionics, but mostly just a chance to show off Selena’s sweet soft body in a brightly tantalizing two piece.

Selena has just a little chub on her fine female form. I know most of you understand that’s a compliment. It’s also kind of driving me to madness at the moment.

Selena in a bikini! Happy days. Enjoy.