Sofia Vergara Accused Of ‘Harassing’ Former Fiance

April 21, 2017 Author: Gaurav Shingala

Actress Sofia Vergara is accused of "harassing" her former fiance Nick Loeb.

According to Loeb, Vergara is making his life "a living hell" nearly three years after they called off their engagement in 2014, reports radaronline.com.

As per reports, Vergara is still in a legal battle of "he said, she said" with Loeb over who owns the embryos they froze to make future children, and what should happen to them. He accuses her of "annoying" and "harassing" him with her legal maneuvers.

Loeb is suing Vergara over two embryos they froze back in 2013. He wants to retrieve the embryos, use a surrogate to deliver them. He has even named them Emma and Isabella, radaronline.com reported.