5 Famous Eateries At Delhi’s Zakir Nagar Every Meat Lover Must Visit

June 15, 2017 Author: Bhushan Sathe
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    Zakir Nagar is a one-stop destination for anyone looking for genuine flavours reminiscent of the Mughal royalty. Meat lovers would've never thought that paradise would present itself to them as the crowded by-lanes of Zakir Nagar. similar to every street food joint, the shops in Zakir Nagar too serve to satiate the customers' taste buds without thinning their wallets. The narrow streets are lined with tiny shops, strongly aromatic of Mughlai delicacies such as tandoori kebabs

    We have sorted out few food gems which caught our attention:

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    Purani Dilli Restaurant

    The Purani Dilli Restaurant was established in 2004 amidst the food haven of Zakir Nagar. It is probably the only restaurant by definition, as it ensures proper seating arrangements and is air conditioned, offering optimum comfort to the customers. The walls are authentically decorated with photographs of Delhi Gate and Jama Masjid, reminding people of the glorious origins of the food they are relishing. This restaurant is known for its haleem, nihari and biryani. The Chicken Haleem is lusciously thick, which makes for a fulfilling dish. The chicken is cooked with grains and lentils on a slow fire. The meat is exposed to heat so much so that it falls off the bone and becomes a tender, almost pasty texture that just melts in your mouth and leaves a rich aftertaste. Paired with khamiri roti, it makes for a decadent meal. The Chicken Nihari too has gained quite a reputation; the slow cooked chicken in rich, spicy and the flavour-packed gravy appears as food for the soul. Haleem Biryani is another speciality, which is primarily biryani rice smeared with the thick luscious haleem and topped with golden fried onions. It makes for a plateful of toothsome perfection.

    Where: 371, Main Road, Zakir Nagar, Okhla; Nearest Metro Station - Govindpuri

    Tel: +91 98918 78333, +91 99998 16299

    Price: INR 600 for two approx

    Timings: 12 noon-3.30pm, 6pm-11.30pm

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    Al Umar Chicken Point

    Al Umar serves delish Chicken Tikka coated generously with heavy cream and butter, lending it a rich aftertaste. INR 500 for a full plate is a total value for money.

    Where: A-2, Near Batla House, Batla House Chowk, Zakir Nagar

    Tel: +91 98102 17786

    Price: INR 700

    Timings: 12:30 noon to 3:30pm, 6:30pm to 11pm

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    Al Rashida

    It is famous for its Buff Galouti Kebabs, which instantly melt in the mouth, filling it with a pleasant burst of flavours owing to their juiciness. These kebabs are bound to leave you completely awestruck.

    Where: Shop 2, Gali 12, Zakir Nagar

    Tel: +91 99110 80787

    Price: INR 250 for two

    Timings: 6pm to Midnight

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    Talib Kebab Corner

    Talib Kebab Corner is a humble food corner which is famous for its soft and juicy buff tikkas and kebabs. You need to make your way through the narrow lanes to indulge in these meaty treats, but it's definitely worth it.

    Where: 143, Jogabai Extension, Zakir Nagar

    Price: INR 400

    Timings: 12 noon to 10 pm

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    Gulbahar Chicken Fry

    Gulbahar is popular for its fried chicken. Complete with a crispy covering outside, which is complemented by the juicy meat inside, it easily reigns over other fast food joints serving this dish. The chicken, along with the bones, are marinated for a long time and then deep fried to perfection, making them ready to be served with onion slices and coriander mint chutney.

    Where: N.F.C., Zakir Nagar Main Rd, Joga Bai Extension, Okhla

    Tel: +91 81301 28867

    Price: INR 400 for two approx