Foodies Special: Must-Have Indian Delicious Dishes In Winter

March 27, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    Green Garlic Sabzi

    Another ingredient that is available in winter is the green garlic. Whilst the most common thing one can do is make chutney but you can also prepare green garlic sabzi. It has a lovely and balanced flavour which is noticeable but not overpowering.
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    For most Gujaratis, winter isn't winter without the steaming bowls of undhiyu on their dining table. 'Undhu' which means upside down in Gujarati is a mixed vegetable dish that is a regional specialty of Surat. Definitely a must try in this season.
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    Gajar Pak

    Winter is here, and it's the season for vibrant red carrots. There's nothing better than making some gajar halwa. Apart from that, you can even try gajar pak. It is same as halwa but presented in the form of a barfi.
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    Daulat Ki Chaat

    Daulat ki chaat is frothy and foamy treat which is a part of every feast and celebration. This cottony pile of foam is made out of thick creamy milk and is topped off with sugar, cardamom, almond flakes and pistachios. It is only available in winter as it loses its texture in hot weather.
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    Shorba-E-Gulzar Soup

    It is a tomato shorba prepared with fresh tomatoes and roasted cumin seeds. Murgh badami shorba is an extract of chicken with garlic and Indian spices with almonds. Shorba is traditionally prepared by simmering of meat or vegetables and flavoured with aromatic traditional Indian spices and herbs.
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    Nalli Nihari

    Lamb shanks simmered overnight in a silken golden gravy with special Indian spices is again a Lucknowi special and relished during winter.
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    Dal Frontier

    It is a dish that involves black lentils which are slow cooked for hours. It is an extremely popular preparation from the Punjab region.