Jagannath Rath Yatra Special: Boondi Ladoo Recipe

July 14, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    Hanuman Jayanti Special: Boondi Ladoo Recipe

    Hanuman Jayanti Special: Boondi Ladoo Recipe

    Today is Hanuman Jayanti, and many people will worship them. There are many ways to please Lord Hanuman. But for the prasad is here we are prepare Boondi Ke Ladoo. So check out the recipe and enjoy the festival.


    1.5 cups sugar

    3/4 cup water

    1.5 cups besan or gram flour

    2 pinch saffron powder

    6 crushed green cardamoms

    1 tbsp melon seeds

    2 black cardamom seeds

    1 pinch edible camphor

    3/4 tbsp ghee

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    Assemble Ingredients

    Take a mixing bowl and assemble all the dry ingredients together. Add gram flour, saffron powder in it.

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    Prepare Batter

    Add water to prepare smooth batter. But remember the consistency of batter should not be too thick or thin. The amount of water is depends on the quality of gram flour. Another side keep another pan and heat it at medium temperature.

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    Dissolve Sugar

    Take another pan and mix sugar and water together.

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    Prepare Sugar Syrup

    Keep the sugar solution on stove top on a low heat. Heat the sugar syrup till it consistency became thick and keep it aside.

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    Fry Boondi

    Now, first take a spoon add some batter on the perforated spoon or jhara. Spread the batter lightly with spoon and finish it. Do the same thing in every batch to prepare boondi.

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    Fry It

    Fry the boondis till they cooked properly. Don't make them crisp or over frying. When oil stops sizzling, remove boondis from the oil. Otherwise it will burn. After each batch clean jhara with cotton cloth.

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    Add In Sugar Syrup

    Strain the boondis well with slotted spoon and then add the boondis into the sugar syrup and mix it properly. Fry all and add it in the syrup and stir it.

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    Add Other Ingredients

    Now, add melon seeds, cardamom powder, black cardamom seeds, pinch of edible camphor and 3/4 tbsp ghee. Ghee will help you to bind the ladoos. You can also avoid ghee, if you have to serve only boondi.

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    Prepare Ladoo

    Mix all the ingredients properly. Add any ingredient if required. Now prepare ladoo with smooth hands.

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    Serve It

    Now your boondi ladoo is ready so first serve the boondi ladoo to the Lord Hanuman and then give prasad to the other people.