Maha-Shivratri Special: Bhang Recipe

February 13, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    Mahashivratri Special: Bhang Recipe

    Mahashivratri Special: Bhang Recipe

    Bhang thandai is generally preferred during the Mahashivratri. It is the highlight of the Mahashivratri. It is also known as the prasad of the Mahashivratri. Here is the procedure for how to make bhaang ki thandai. But drink it at your own risk.


    8 almonds


    2 cardamoms or elachi

    1 tsp rose water

    1 & 1/2 cup soy milk

    1 marijuana or bhang goli

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    Take Almonds


    Take 8 almonds in a bowl.

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    Soy Milk


    Take 1 & 1/2 cup soy milk with kesar pista flavored. You can also use normal milk.

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    Take Rose Water


    Take 1 tsp rose water and keep it aside.

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    Take Elachi


    Take few cardamoms and put it aside.

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    Take 1 Marijuana


    Now take 1 marijuana or bhang goli and kept it aside. Remember put bhang goli away from small children.

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    Heat Almonds


    Take a vessel and put almonds in it. Add some water and boil it for a minute to remove the cover from almonds.

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    Strain The Bhang


    Take a bowl and add half cup water in it. Now strain the bhang and throw away the residue.

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    Prepare Bhang


    Now the bhang goli dissolve in water so keep it aside for few seconds.

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    Grind Other Ingredients


    Now put the almonds, cardamoms and the bhang liquid in a blender. Strain the bhang liquid again while pouring into a blender. Make sure it is smooth, if not blend it again.

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    Pour Milk


    Pour soy milk in a glass and add sugar in it. Add sugar as per your taste.

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    Add Ingredients


    Add rose water and bhang liquid in it and mix everything properly.

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    Serve It


    Now garnish the bhang with few chopped almonds in the bhang and serve to your