Vegetable Pakora Recipe

May 14, 2017 Author: Diksha Jani
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    Vegetable Pakora Recipe

    Vegetable Pakora Recipe

    Pakoras are a classic street food snack from India. It is special in monsoon season, but sometimes you can also try in summer too.

    You can prepare this pakora at your home easily and serve to your family and friends.You can make for small party or for kids, so they enjoy it too. So check out the recipe and enjoy.


    Green Chilies



    Fresh Coriander

    Ground Coriander


    Cumin Seeds

    Red Chilli Powder

    Gram Flour

    Bicarbonate of Soda


    Vegetable Oil

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    Chop Green Chilies

    Finely sliced three green chilies and put it in a bowl.

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    Add Potatoes And Onions

    In the same bowl add two peeled onions and potatoes and mix it.

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    Add Coriander Leaves

    Now add fresh chopped coriander leaves and salt. Add salt as per your taste.

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    Add Coriander Powder

    Now add 4 tsp coriander powder in it.

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    Add Cumin Seeds

    Now add 4 tsp cumin seeds in it.

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    Add Red Chili Powder

    Now add 1 tsp red chili powder. You can add spice powders as per your taste. Now add 2 cups gram flour or besan in the bowl.

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    Add Bicarbonate Soda

    Now add ½ tsp bicarbonate soda in it and mix everything properly.

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    Add Water

    Now add water to prepare a thick batter. Remember to make pakora you need a thick batter. If batter is thin then add some besan in it.

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    Fry It

    Now take a deep frying pan heat oil and put batter in a hot oil and fry pakora. Fry pakora till it changes its color. After frying it remove it to the kitchen towel paper so it will remove excess amount of oil.

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    Serve It

    Now your pakora is ready so serve it with tomato ketchup, coriander chutney or tamrind chutney as you like and enjoy it with your friends and family members.