Why You Should Have Curd? Check out!

July 9, 2015 Author: Vishwagujarat

Curd is a popular food item in India and people consume it with rice and rotis.

To make good curd, add a curdling agent to the boiled and cooled milk at 30-40 degree C. In a few hours, the milk will turn to curd.
Curd has a lot of health benefits and nutritionists suggest including curd in your daily diet.Here's why one should include curd in their daily diet:

-Improves digestion:
The nutrients in curd are easily absorbed by the digestive system and it is said that it helps absorb nutrients from the meal one eats.

- Good for heart:
Curd is good for the heart as it reduces the risk of high blood pressure and helps reduce cholesterol levels.

-Increases immunity:
The good bacteria in curd helps boost the immune system and reduce the incidences of attacks by harmful micro organisms.

-Rich source of calcium:
Curd is a rich source of calcium and helps bone growth and makes teeth stronger.

-Substitute for milk:
Curd can be used as a substitute for milk by those who are otherwise intolerant to lactose.

-Helps weight reduction:
Calcium present in the curd stops the body from pushing more cortisol into the system and thus aids weight reduction.

-Skin and hair care:
Curd is excellent as a skincare product as it has zinc and Vitamin E in it. It's often used in face packs made at home. Curd, when used to wash hair, can help get rid of fungal infections of the scalp and helps reduce dandruff.