Yummilicious Oreo Ice-Cream Recipe

April 18, 2017 Author: Diksha Jani
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    Yummilicious Oreo Ice-Cream Recipe

    Yummilicious Oreo Ice-Cream Recipe

    As we all know ice-cream is the best during the summer. But you can prepare at your home easily. We already provide you the recipes of different ice-creams like pistachios ice-cream, mint ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream.

    today we are going to prepare Oreo ice-cream at home only. To prepare Oreo ice-cream you just need veryfew ingredients and it can be made easily. so check out the recipe and enjoy.


    1 pint heavy whipping cream

    1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk

    1/2 package Oreo Cookies

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    Assemble Ingredients

    Assemble all the ingredients to prepare the Oreo ice-cream and keep it aside.

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    Whip Cream

    Start off by whipping the cream with a whisk attachment until semi-stiff peaks form.

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    Add Condensed Milk

    Slowly stir in the sweetened condensed milk and whip until creamy and smooth.

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    Crush Oreo

    Crush the Oreo and stir them into the cream.

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    Add In Cream

    Add the crushed Oreo in the whip cream and mix it properly. After mixing everything place it in container and put it in a refrigerator for few hours or for overnight.

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    Serve It

    Now your oreo ice-cream is ready so serve it and enjoy with family and friends.