Common Man Can’t Even Question The Name Of Policeman In Gujarat Who Is On Duty But Without ‘Name Badge’

April 8, 2018 Author: Dushyant Goswami

It was Sunday evening and the roads of the Ahmedabad city were busy despite of ongoing IPL matches. The shocker for the citizens of Ahmedabad city was sudden campaign ran by Sola traffic police to detain and fine the vehicles parked on the road, in no parking zone by the common people on the S.G highway and near vicinity.

The question that arose in every citizen or victim of the penalty fined by the traffic police at that time was where we park our vehicle as if there is no reserved parking for the vehicle to park. The discrepancy arises here as the commercial building and its design that is passed and regulated by Municipal Corporation are devoid of parking facility. Than who is responsible for such irregularity by the administration. Why common people has have to face difficulties of parking resulting from the laxity of municipal corporation who passed such building without parking facility and why common people has have to pay the penalty for the parking without providing them the facility to park.

One victim at that place who was ready to pay the fine just asked the policeman his name who was on duty but without name badge on his uniform. The name of the policeman was Birjusinh serving in the Sola traffic police station. He got offended when the victim draw his attention that there is no name badge on his uniform and he instead fining him at spot, decided to tow the vehicle just because common man asked him his name. So, is it like that common man of the state can’t even police man his name because he was not carrying his name badge on the uniform. So, is it like that the one who is bound to protect the rule can break the rule?

The question that citizen need to ask the administration where to park the vehicle in a situation where there is no facility for parking available. Why citizens are bound to pay the fine because of the breach of administration itself.