Gujarat: Fair Price Shop Owners Warn Stir Led By PM’s Brother Prahlad Modi

May 16, 2017 Author: Dushyant Goswami

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's elder brother Prahlad Modi, who is the president of Gujarat Fair Price Shop Owners and Kerosene Licence Holder Association, threatened that all fair shops owners in Gujarat would go on an indefinite strike from May 28 if the Centre failed to accept their demands.

Prahlad said on Sunday that he has been demanding that shop owners be allowed to sell gas under Ujala scheme as the Centre has reduced the kerosene stock sent to Gujarat.

He said he has been fighting to avail financial assistance for the higher education of shopkeepers' children.

Gujarat has over 22,000 fair price shop owners and kerosene licence holders who distribute the essential commodity to around 1.2 crore ration card holders, including beneficiaries under BPL and Antyodaya schemes.

Of the total, 65 lakh card holders come under the purview of National Food Securities Act, while 55 lakh ration cards have been declared void. Prahlad has been asking for such cards to be reactivated.

"When I made representation recently, the concerned minister Jayesh Radadiya told me that they would draw the CM's attention to our demands," he said, adding that nothing has been done so far.