Hardik Announced That His Only Mission Is To Defeat BJP In The 2017 Assembly Elections

May 19, 2017 Author: Gaurav Shingala

GANDHINAGAR: Hardik Patel, the convener of Patidar Anamat Anadolan Samiti (PAAS), has again chosen a visit by PM Narendra Modi as opportune time to build momentum for his agitation to secure reservation for Patidars.

Patel is looking to get his share of the limelight by holding a "Nyaya Yatra" (march for justice) in Botad and Bhavnagar on May 20 and 21, while the PM will be in Kutch on May 22 and in Gandhinagar, to address the African Development Bank conference, on May 23. Hardik's choice of venue is also symbolic, as the PM had launched the second phase of Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation Yojana at Botad in April.
Hardik is planning two major public meetings and a yatra covering 114 villages, to highlight light the farmers, youth, women and the Patidar community.

Hardik said, "The SAUNI launch by the PM at Botad was to mislead farmers. Farmers are not getting water. To highlight the plight of farmers, youth, women and the Patidar community, we will organize a Nyaya Yatra from Botad — where the PM held his public meeting — to Bhavnagar. There will also be public meetings at Botad and Bhavnagar, with more than 50,000 people at each venue. To protest against the PM and BJP's injustice, 51 youths will tonsure their heads."

Hardik announced that his only mission is to defeat BJP in the 2017 assembly elections."To show Patidar power to the BJP, which has used it all these years and committed atrocities against us, our mission to defeat any how? We have launched a number, 7393073930, where Patidars, the youth, farmers, women who believe that BJP did them injustice, can give a missed call and register their protest. More than 2.5 lakh persons have already registered their protest. The BJP claims of 150 seats are an exaggeration. They will not win even 80 seats." "We will announce our exact strategy soon. That the BJP's accuses us of being Congress, AAP or NCP supporters only shows their frustration. We are not a proxy for any political party. We are focused on our demands only. We have no ambition of fielding our candidates in the election, but through our 50,000 volunteers in villages across the state, we will expose the BJP among the masses," Hardik said.