Election Commission challenges parties to hack its EVM from June 3, sets 7 conditions

May 20, 2017 Author: Gaurav Shingala

The Election Commission dares to political parties, throwing challenge at them  to crack its Electronic Voting Machines (EVM). The poll panel has set June 3 as the date for the hackathon to let opposition political parties prove their disagreement  that the EVMs used in the February-March assembly elections were, or could be, tampered with. 

"EVMs are not hackable as these are stand alone machines and not connected to internet or any other network," Chief Election Commissioner,  Nasim Zaidi said at a conference explaining why it was tamper-proof. But cracking the EVM’s comes with riders and Election commission has ensured parties won't have it that easy.

Here are EC's terms and conditions 
1) Only those parties, national and regional, that took part in the recently concluded assembly elections can hack the EVMs 
2) Each party can appoint 3 people each to crack the EVMs. 

3) The EVMs need to be picked from EC's warehouses in Delhi at parties' own cost. 

4) If a party fails to report at the alloted time without prior intimation or approval, their challenge shall be cancelled. 

5) Parties who want to crack the EVMs have to write to the Election commission by May 26,    5 pm with details of the members. 

6) Each political party will get to pick at least 4 EVMs of their choice from any 4 polling stations out of the five poll-gone states. EVMs involved in the election petition or those sealed will not be allowed in the hackathon. 

7) If the EVM becomes non-functional after ..