Modi Government Has Not Paid For The Bills Of VVIP’s Abroad Trip, Air India Is In Heavy Debt Of Rs 326 crore

March 13, 2018 Author: Nirmitsinh

The central government has not paid approximately Rs 326 crore to the national airlines, Air India. Various ministries have not paid this amount of bill of charter flights for VVIP's foreign trips.

The national flight service of the country, which is on the verge of privatization, has provided information of outstanding bills in respect of VVIP visits of various ministries in response to information sought by the retired Commodore Lokesh Batra under Right to Information (RTI).

The information given on March 8 has shown that on 31 January 2018, various ministries of the central government have owed the bill of 325.81 crore of VVIP charter flight.

Out of the total outstanding bills, the payment of Rs 84.01 crore only is done in the last financial year, the rest Rs 241.80 crore is remaining this year.

Chartered aircraft are provided by Air India for foreign visits to the VVIP, such as President, Vice President and Prime Minister. Air India makes modifications in terms of these VVIP requirements in its commercial jets.

The said outstanding bill is to be repaid by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of External Affairs, Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet Secretariat. In reply received from Air India, it has been said that the outstanding amount of Rs 178.55 crore is the name of the external affairs ministry, followed by Cabinet Secretary and Prime Minister's office amounting to Rs 128.84 crore and the defense ministry's liability amounting to 18.42 crore.

The answer shows that the bills of Rs 451.71 crore were old while Rs 553.01 crore was released this year, so the total sum was Rs 1004.72 crore.

Out of which, the government paid 678.01 crores this year. In the amount paid, the payment of Rs 367.70 crore was paid against the outstanding of last year, Rs 451.71 crore and the amount of 311.23 crore was made in the bills of 533.01 crore rupees this year.

Thus, by 31st January, 2018, the government has received a total of Rs 325.81 crore from the two years of Air India outstanding.

Three days earlier, on March 5, in a separate reply, the Union Civil Aviation Ministry had said that till December 31, 2017, the total outstanding was Rs 345.946 crore. In addition to VVIP flights, this amount was outstanding for providing facilities to the people who traveled Rs 20.966 crore and to run the Evacuation Mission. Air India has only given information about VVIP flights in its response.

In the response given by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the dues of various ministries and information about the bills have been given separately. Which shows that the outstanding bill of Presidential flights was 174.22 crores out of 182.22 crores and 8 crores owed. At the same time, in the case of Vice President, out of the outstanding amount of Rs 414.28 crore, 216.02 crore was repaid and Rs 198.54 crore was to be repaid till December 31, 2017.

At the same time, in the case of the Prime Minister, Rs. 154.07 crores have been repaid from 272.80 crores while 118.72 crores still to be repaid.