Murder Of Girl After Rape, Dead Body Found In The Farm

March 24, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala

A heart touching case has surfaced up Hardei region of UP. Here a woman went to the homestead to get grass from home late at night. Until late night, when ladies don't begin, they began searching for them. Late in the night, the blood of the lady was found in a field. Mrs. (age 35) wife Lallan, an occupant of town Sindhuamou in the nation's Kotwali area, went to the fields to take grass on Saturday evening. After not achieving home until late night, the families began searching for Mrs.

At 10 o'clock in the night, the lady was discovered lying in the field of wheat in Ramesh Mishra of Kotwali region close to the bleeding body of the town. The lady's shoe was lying a couple of miles from the scene. The garments were excessively occupied. Subsequent to getting the data, achieved the country spot and educated the police.

City Kotwal Alok Singh told that the occurrence is under scrutiny. The lady's better half Lallan is blamed for murdering the spouse on obscure individuals. It is said that the blossoms of Mangalasutra, Kundal, Payal and Nak are additionally absent from the throat of the spouse.
In the meantime, the lady's sibling, Banwarilal occupant, Atamu Kotwali Sandi, has dreaded to be killed after assault. ASP Eastern Gyanjay Singh told that after the posthumous report, the circumstance would be clear.