Noida Woman Alleges Gang-Rape By Her Close Friends In Car On Yamuna Express Highway

April 16, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala

A gang rape case has emerged in a Honda City car on Yamuna Expressway, with a young woman living in Meerut(Uttar Pradesh). The horrible incident took place on Saturday evening when woman got out of the office. After this gang was gang raped in a moving car with a young woman from Noida to Mathura. Police have arrested two accused in the case.

The victim has a job in Greater Noida. On Saturday evening, when he came out of the office, Salman, who works in the electronics showroom, got him along with the Honda City car. Salman in the car by telling him to leave the house. The friendship between the couple was done 15 days ago and he had left the house before.

On the day of the incident, the accused Salman called his friend Sajid, after then calling the woman in the car. After the cars took the Yamuna Expressway and when the woman resisted it, she was assaulted. After this, both of them carried out gang rape at the expressway.

The accused had covered the glasses of the Honda City car with a black cloth and the music was played all the way to prevent the voice of the woman from hearing it. Not only that, the car was stopped on the roadway in many places on the expressway.

The victim has been very scared since the incident. His face was swollen, there were marks on the face. The young woman told that she along with the two accused involved in the hand, holding the legs. But he ran the car at a fast pace. When she tried to call, her mobile was also smashed.

The woman told that after the gang rape, both of them were absconding after being absconding in Mathura, then they called the number 100 and informed the police. The police reached Salman and Sajid on the spot and arrested them with the car. Rape has also been confirmed in the medical report.