Highest School Dropouts Children Comes From Dalit And Muslim Families : Government

March 20, 2018 Author: Nirmitsinh

In the middle of school drop-outs, the number of students of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Muslim communities is highest in the country.
This information was given by Minister of State for Human Resource Development Upendra Kushwaha in a written reply to Raju Shetty's question in the Lok Sabha.

He said that according to the Integrated District Education Information System, drop out of Muslims and Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribe students is more than the average drop out of the country.
In this context, he also presented the figure.

According to the data provided by the Minister of State for Human Resource Development, the average drop-out rate for children of all sections of the country at the primary level is 4.13%, while Scheduled Castes are 4.46%, Scheduled Tribes 6.93% and Muslim community 6.54%.

Similarly, the average drop-out rate of all categories in upper primary education is 4.03 percent, then the Scheduled Castes' 5.51 percent, Scheduled Tribes 8.59 percent and the Muslim community's drop out rate is 9.49 percent.

The average drop-out rate of all categories at secondary level is 17.06 percent, while 19.36 percent of Scheduled Castes, 24.68 percent of Scheduled Tribes and 24.12 percent of Muslim community.