Shocking In IPL: Anushka Sharma Fight With Preity Zinta

April 27, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala

In the eighth game of IPL season 11, Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Kings XI Punjab by four wickets by four wickets. During this match, two Bollywood actresses of Bollywood were seen encouraging their teams. These days, the IPL is being played on every side. Everybody is enjoying it in this season. Recently, a great match was played between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab in the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium. Where on one side these two teams were fighting each other on the ground, there was a rift in the stands on the other side.

Indeed, Kings XI Punjab's mistress Preity Zinta reached chinnaswamy stadium to cheer up her team, while RCB captain Virat Kohli's wife and film actress Anushka Sharma also appeared in pavilion. Anushka Sharma, wife of Prince Xi Punjab's mistress Preity Zinta and Virat Kohli's wife, was seen fighting in this battle. In the IPL, Anushka has seen many times, but after her marriage she has appeared in the playground for the first time. Anushka has left everyone behind on Friday night in support of her husband.

Let me tell you that Anushka came out of the field after seeing the team winning actress Anushka, and during this interaction between both the actress, during which both the actress's face would look like this One would say that both actresses are fighting. Fans has also commented on these pictures, saying that both of them must have had a fight.