Venezuela: 68 Prisoners Were Killed In An Internal Violence In A Jail

March 29, 2018 Author: Nirmitsinh

At least 68 people, including two women, were killed in the violence and firing and arson incidents in a prison in northern Venezuela's northern city of Valencia. The New York Times reported this on Wednesday, attorney general Tariq Saab. In some media reports, it is being told that the prisoners were trying to escape from the jail on which the police opened fire. After this incident, a huge crowd gathered outside the jail of the relatives of the dead. They did a ruckus

4 prosecutors engaged in the investigation of the case

- According to the New York Times, Tariq Saab told the four Prosecutors are investigating the case.

- They said that this prison was close to the police station and it contained about 60 prisoners, but there were more prisoners here than the capacity.
According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Prior, a group monitoring prison conditions, there have been reports of more inmates being in prison.

Push-box turned into riots

- In some media reports, it has been reported that some prisoners in the jail took the form of a riot. The prisoners also attacked the police, some inmates tried to escape from the jail. According to the police, they firing in order to control the situation.

The family said - we need justice

- As soon as the incident was reported, the crowd of prisoners gathered outside the jail. They started performing. After this, the police did not give much information about the incident.

- Maria Jose Rondon, a relative of the prisoner killed in a video posted on Twitter, said, "We want justice. We want to know what all this is happening?"

37 prisoners killed in the conflict in jail last year

- In August last year, there was a clash between prisoners in a prison in the southern city of Amazonia, Venezuela, in which at least 37 people died. This clash lasted for several hours.