40 Million Indians Suffer from Hepatitis B

July 26, 2016 Author: Vishwagujarat
Hepatitis B

Hepatitis is a chronic disease that is so fatal that in long run may cause liver cancer or failure. Unfortunately, there are around 40 million Indians who are diagnosed with Hepatitis B, World Health Organization (WHO) estimates.

A study conducted by SRL Laboratories on around 11.6 lakh Indians who were tested for viral hepatitis between 2012 and 2014. The result of the study comes out to be positive with around 20% of the 11.6 lakh Indians being detected wit the disease.

The study further shows that Hepatitis E was the most common strain in western India.

While viral hepatitis is the major cause of jaundice, Hepatitis B and C are the fatal ones and are responsible for liver failure.

According to the study, about 20 percent of people suffering from Hepatitis B or C develop liver cancer.