Are You Virgin? If Yes, Than You Must Know About This Interesting Secret

March 20, 2018 Author: Nirmitsinh

Hey tell me one thing. Are you Virgin? Please do not tell correctly. '

From the college days to the canteen of the office. Banda or bandi if not married than friendship is confirmed or freedom is in the atmosphere. Usually, a question often gets heard. Are you virgin But have you ever wondered why and why did the non-sex workers be called Virgin and when? Let us tell you why virginity began to be said and virgin ...
Virgin literally means Pure. That is, 100% pure pure. No tincture Sacred and Sacred Types In the English language the word virgin was first heard in the year 1200. The word uirgines was written in the manuscripts of Trinity College, Cambridge. martirs and confessors and uirgines made faier bode inne to women This uirgines started to be called virgin forward. Apart from this, the word of the word is related to Christian religion in most places. For example, the words of the Church in the writings of the Church of the Virgin show.
In addition to this, the word virgin was regarded as the ability to engage with any religious beliefs of a young girl. That is, if a girl is joining a church, its purity is called virginity. The definition of virgin is quite long. There are 18 definitions of the word virgin in Oxford Dictionary.

Massacre of 11 thousand creatures
The talk is of the fourth-fifth century. There was a princess Arasula. Later the saint called. Father was the king of a UK territory. At the behest of the father was ready for marriage. To meet with her husband, she began her cruising journey with 11 thousand Virgin Helpers. Then came suddenly storm. Arasula stepped back and decided that now he will go to meet the Pope now. So 11 thousand Virgin workers also joined together. But the losers got ahead The birds do not swan Hans i.e. Nomad group living in Western Europe Hans people massacred 11 thousand Virginians, including Arsula. There are many claims in history about Arasula's death.