Health Benefits Of Jaggery Or Gur: Gur Khao Fit Raho

March 10, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala

Jaggery or gur is one of the most famous and used food ingredients around the world due to its exotic taste and health benefits. Jaggery or gur is prepared from fresh sugarcane, date or plum juice and available in colors from golden brown to dark brown. My personal favorite is light brown one, not only the different color it also available with mixed products like jaggery with peanuts, seeds like sesame, chia or flaxs, chana dal or fennel seeds.

The flavour of jaggery is sweets and that is why it is used in sweet dish in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In India even today our elder’s end their meal with gur. It is rich in minerals, vitamin, iron and other required nutrients. It is healthier than using white sugar, so let’s see how jaggery or gur benefits our health.

Health benefits of jaggery or gur :

1) This amazing food ingredient is good to consume regularly as it purifies blood and also enhance haemoglobin, boost immunity and prevent many blood-related problems.
2) It helps with digestive system like eating gur or jaggery regularly reduce the risk of digestive disorders, improve proper function of digestive system, stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and reduce overloading of digestive tract.
3) It also regulates proper and easy bowel movement and relief indigestion, intestinal worms and any other stomach related issues.
4) Gur of jaggery also help in losing weight while satisfying your sugar craves. It improves body metabolism which aids weight loss, reduce water retention and increases level of minerals like potassium which help in managing weight and also help in building muscles.
5) It is also good for bones as it strengthens bones, joints, reduce joint pains and other bone related issues. Apart from bones it also strengthens muscles by providing them energy.
6) It helps in preventing respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis so eat jaggery and sesame seeds ladoos.
7) It removes toxins out from the body and cleanses the system. It also boosts energy level in the body.
8) Strengthen nervous system and also prevent from nervous system disorder.
9) It also helps you in controlling blood pressure and maintains acid balance in the body due to the presence of potassium and sodium in gur.
10) It also treats the problem like hiccups and also reduces the risk of allergy. For hiccups add dry ginger powder with jaggery and consume with lukewarm water.
11) It solves women related issues like it cures menstrual problems like stomach ache, prevents from anemia by maintaining level of RBC, great source of energy, prevents fatigue and weakness.
12) Not only women, jaggery benefits men as well. It improves the quality of sperm, energize body, reduce weakness and tiredness, treat urinary disorder and improves quality and quantity of semen.
13) Not only for health issues jaggery helps in treating skin related issues like it provides nourishment to skin, make skin smooth, healthy, glowing and hydrated. It cures acne, pimple, prevent wrinkles, spots and early aging.
14) Jaggery or gur also benefits hair by providing them natural beauty, nourishment, strengthen them, add volume, make it long, black, strong and also good for healthy scalp.

How to eat gur or jaggery to attain its health benefits?

Gur is the best substitute for sugar and is add in various sweet dishes. But apart from it you can also eat it in various forms like:

With chana (Bengal gram whole)

It is good way to curb the hunger panks during mid day or evening and also prevents you from anemia. Eat gur with roasted chana to get iron and folic.

With milk

Winters are the best time to consume jaggery with milk as it keep you warm and also strengthen bones and relives joint and muscles pain.


Jaggery tea with ginger is again good to drink in winters to keep yourself warm and also help In preventing infectious diseases.

Others ways:

1) The famous way of eating jaggery is with sarso ka saag and makai ki roti (green veggies and corn flour bread).
2) To eat to satisfy sugar tooth and also substitute sugar with gur and make sweets.
3) Make gur breads and have with tea for snacks.