Loneliness is as Risky as Diabetes in Old People

January 5, 2016 Author: Hetu Joshi

A new study found that a life of loneliness damages aspects of someone's health as much as physical inactivity in adolescence or diabetes in old age.

Lacking a connections of friends or family can "vastly elevate" the danger of developing health conditions and can affect physically.

Scientists analyzed links between relationships and healthiness across each life stage, looking at a various factors including body-mass index (BMI).

It discovered that feeble social relationships in younger years increase the risk of inflammation at the same rate as a lack of workout.

Similarly, hypertension in old age can get worst by loneliness than clinical risk factors like diabetes.

But those with the support of friends and family have a lower likelihood of developing health conditions and increase better life expectancy.

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal. It said: "We found that a higher degree of social integration was associated with lower risk of physiological deregulation in a dose-response manner in both early and later life.”

"Conversely, lack of social connections was associated with vastly elevated risk in specific life stages. Analyses of multiple dimensions of social relationships within multiple samples across the life course produced consistent and robust associations with health. Physiological impacts of structural and functional dimensions of social relationships emerge uniquely in adolescence and midlife and persist into old age."

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