BJP won confidence vote, but lost peoples’ trust : Shiv Sena

November 13, 2014 Author:

A day after the first ever BJP-led minority Government in Maharashtra managed to sail through the trust vote by a controversial voice vote, the Shiv Sena said on Thursday that the Devendra Fadnavis Government has lost the trust of the people, though they won the "trust vote" in the Maharashtra Assembly.

The Sena, which spelt out its view on the events inside and outside the Assembly, however continues to be ambiguous over its lone Minister in the Narendra Modi Government as well as its alliance with the BJP in the Mumbai municipal body and some other such civic bodies in other parts of the State.

"They have strangulated democracy. It's a sin for which there is no expiation. A party which threw all norms to the winds to stick to power should not - at least now - speak about bad governance," the Sena said in a sharp editorial in its mouthpiece 'Saamana' Thursday. The Sena wondered how a party, which trampled upon all democratic norms and traditions to win the vote of confidence in the assembly, could ever be able to win the peoples' credence. "The people of the country will reject it."

Attacking the government for the manner in which it sought a voice vote during a chaotic situation, the Sena pointed out that the BJP's promises of providing clean governance were proved wrong on the very first day. The Sena said that though the BJP has succeeded in winning the motion amid the chaos prevalent inside the house, but the opposition parties will not accept this majority, unless proven constitutionally on the floor of the house.

As soon as speaker Haribhau Bagde declared the one line motion by BJP's Ashish Shelar seeking confidence as passed on the floor of the house, utter chaos broke out inside and outside the Assembly.

The Speaker suspended five Congress MLAs for two years, after accusing them of pushing and injuring Governor Rao. Congress called the Speaker's ruling "a murder of democracy", while Sena termed the day as a "black day" for Maharashtra.