Twitter Lite Launches In India First

April 6, 2017 Author: Diksha Jani
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    Twitter Lite Launches In India First

    As per the reports of the Twitter executive this is a very smoother and fast growing year for the Twitter and the micro-blogging firm expecting big gains in India.

    On Thursday, India managing director Maya Hari and Twitter Southeast Asia business development director Arvinder Gujral said that they launched the Twitter Lite and keeping in mind areas where connectivity was poor.

    Hari said,"India, which is one of the top five markets, is also one of the fastest growing markets for Twitter and we believe that it is the best time for growth in the country as more and more people join the platform, including celebrities".

    In last few months Twitter has to loose many of their employee. Parminder Singh, managing director of West Asia and north Africa, and India head Rishi Jaitley left the company, citing differences with management.

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    Twitter Lite Launches In India First

    Other countries, too, reported exits. The company cut 9% of its global workforce, affecting more than 300 employees. It has also been in talks for a possible stake sale.

    Founder and chief analyst of Greyhound Research Sanchit Vir Gogia said,Twitter has struggled to generate ad revenue as it is 50% to 60% more expensive than Facebook. Advertisers have moved to outcome-based models rather than brand recall -- something that Facebook is very good at".

    Gogia also said,"Increase in the total number of users should give them an advantage, however, if advertisers don’t see Twitter as a platform that can convert users into sales then the magic won’t last".

    She further added and said the Lite launch will change the future of Twitter. Southeast Asia business development director Arvinder Gujral said,"The new lighter version will have some offline capabilities including a cache of tweets till the time the phone is connected to the internet along with the option for the user to load photos and videos on their Twitter feed".

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    Twitter Lite Launches In India First

    The lighter app would save at least 70% of data cost and would be 30% faster. The launch is in keeping with tech giants such as Google and Facebook offering lighter versions to gain more users to increase ad revenues.

    While Google has come out with offline versions of YouTube and Google Maps, Facebook is offering the option of saving videos to be viewed later.

    But, Twitter Lite is not an app. It is a Progressive Web App, which combines feature of web browser with than of smart phone app.

    Gujral also added,"Twitter Lite can just be accessed via mobile.twitter.com and this means that the user doesn’t need to have an app store such as the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to access the interface. A VoLTE ready feature phone can also access it and these so-called smart feature phones are catching up".

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    Twitter Lite Launches In India First

    Maya Hari pointed out that prepaid mobile connections dominated India and a lighter version would make a better selling proposition to users.

    Hari added,"Our analysis shows that tier-II and tier-III cities have shown an increase in number of users courtesy TwitterSeva and other government-related services, cricket, elections and entertainment".

    Twitter has 313 million active users with 82% of them accessing it on mobile phones.

    According to statistics website, Twitter India was projected to get 23.2 million monthly active users by 2016 from 11.5 million in 2013.

    But, Twitter is still struggling with rival Facebook in the social media. Twitter added just two million monthly active users compared with Facebook’s 72 million during the recent US presidential elections.