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  • World’s 1st Smartphone-Driven Car To Be Showcased By Huawei

    In a first, Huawei has unveiled a technology that uses Artificial Intelligence-enabled smartphone to drive a car that can not only identify objects on the road but take smart decisions to avoid collisions or hitting someone. In a video released by the China-based technology giant, the driverless ..

  • Will Social Media Replace Traditional Media As Democracy’s Fourth pillar?

    The increasing polarisation among media in India -- and perhaps across the world -- has led to an unprecedented trust deficit in everyday news. What was once regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy today finds itself under the scrutiny of citizens as tainted news published with self-securing moti..

  • Oppo A71 (3GB) Launched With AI Beauty Recognition Technology For Rs 9,990

    Chinese handset maker OPPO on Monday launched its A71(3GB) smartphone in India that comes with an upgraded Artificial Intelligence (AI) beauty technology for Rs 9,990. A71(3GB) is equipped with OPPO-specific "AI Beauty" function, which captures more than 200 facial features and makes face recog..

  • ‘Human-Machine Interaction Key For Successful Digital Business’

    Humans and machines will have to work as a cohesive workforce with 40 per cent global leaders, including those from India, rooting for administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings and data inputs to be taken over by machines, a report said on Wednesday. According to a research by Dell Technol..

  • Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Revenues By 38%, Employment By 10%: Accenture

    If businesses invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human-machine collaboration at the same rate as top-notch companies, they could boost revenues by 38 per cent by 2022 and raise employment levels by 10 per cent, a new report said on Tuesday. Collectively, this would lift profits by $4.8 ..

  • Mobile Transactions To Overtake Net Banking: ICICI Bank

    Lending major ICICI Bank on Friday said that it foresee mobile banking to overtake internet banking. According to the lending major's Group Executive and Chief Technology and Digital Officer B. Madhivanan, around half of the digital transactions of savings account are taking place on mobile bank..

  • How Microsoft AI Is Helping Indian Farmers Increase Crop Yield

    New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Machine Learning, Satellite Imagery and advanced analytics are empowering small-holder farmers in India to increase their income through higher crop yield and greater price control, Microsoft India said. In a few dozen villages in Telen..

  • Railways To Use Artificial Intelligence For Preventing Signal Failures

    Aiming to reduce the possibilities of signals failing, Indian Railways has undertaken remote condition monitoring of the system, a new approach for the national transporter, to predict failures through the effective use of Artificial Intelligence. The Signalling system is vital for safe train ope..

  • Apple Losing Out AI Race To Google, Amazon

    Essentially a hardware-focused firm, Apple is falling behind in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) race with Google and Amazon racing ahead while embracing the open-source and collaborative approach in the emerging field of AI, Fortune reported. According to Mohanbir Sawhney, McCormick Foundation ..

  • Why Intel Is Suddenly Bullish On Artificial Intelligence

    There is no denying the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one phenomenon that has stood out among other emerging technologies. Sensing great possibilities, global chip giant Intel has now joined the AI bandwagon in a big way. AI is not new to the world of technology but the past five year..