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  • Pick Banana, Melon, Cold Milk To Fight Acidity

    Avoid chances of acidity during the hot days by indulging in bananas, melons and coconut water, say experts. Mehar Rajput, nutritionist and dietitian, FITPASS - app for fitness enthusiasts, and Prerna Arora, dietician and nutritionist, Konsult App, which connects doctors and patients, shares a li..

  • Various homemade masks to make your skin glow

    One of our biggest concerns is our skin. It starts dulling as soon as we start aging. One of the main reasons for skin problems are hormones. Fluctuating hormone levels during peri-menopause promote the buildup of sticky dead cells in your pores. Later, as hormone levels decline, your skin's natural..

  • Smelling These Fruits Helps In Loosing Weight And Fat
    Healthy Weight Loss_ Fruit_Smelling_Sniffing

    There's no doubting the powerful role smell can play in stimulating a craving—freshly baked apple pie, anyone? But here's some surprising good news: Smelling certain Fruits can also help you with weight loss. Extra Virgin Olive Oil ..

  • Health-Wise: 12 Famous Fruits and Their Nutrition Value


  • 10 Natural Face Masks to Make Your Skin Glow Instantly

    Why use expensive, chemical laden beauty products on your skin, when something as simple as a mashed up banana will do the job just as well? Whatever your skin type might be classified as, everyone’s skin is super sensitive and it needs looking after, so face masks made with nothing but natural in..

  • Drug From Banana Substance May Help Fight AIDS

    A substance originally found in bananas and carefully edited by scientists could lead to drugs that fight off a wide range of viruses, including those that cause AIDS, Hepatitis C and influenza, new research suggests. The new research focused on a protein called banana lectin, or BanLec, that "re..

  • How To Look Even More Beautiful In Minute?

    If you can freshen up how you look, you will feel better too, so read these ten great tips and how you can make yourself look even more beautiful, in just a minute or so. If you are at work, then you don’t have a lot of choice but to see the day through to the end. That doesn’t mean that there i..