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  • Google’s Work Boon For Chinese Companies, Says Sundar Pichai In China

    Hinting at a possible resumption of a harmonius relationship with China, Google's India-born Chief Executive Sundar Pichai on Sunday said that a lot of the tech giant's work actually helps Chinese companies. Attending the fourth edition of the Chinese state-run "World Internet Conference" in Wuzh..

  • Google To Soon Fix Buzzing Sound In Pixel 2

    Google will soon release a fix for the faint buzzing sound that appears during calls on some Pixel 2 devices. According to The Verge on Tuesday, a community manager posted a message on the Pixel User Community forum confirming the fix in an upcoming update. "We're rolling out a software update..

  • Google Pixel 2 XL Now Available In India

    Google made its flagship smartphone "Pixel 2 XL" available in India on Wednesday in two variants -- 64GB model for Rs 73,000 and 128GB variant for Rs 82,000. The devices will be available in two colours (Just Black, Black and White) online on Flipkart, Reliance Digital and retail stores across th..

  • Google Home Speaker Now Works As Home Intercom

    Google has rolled out an update that will allow you to use the company's Home speakers as intercom systems in your house. Starting Tuesday, people can broadcast their voice from Google Assistant on smartphones or voice-activated speakers like Google Home. "When you need to round up the family ..

  • Google To Remove Apps If Found In Violation

    Google has warned app developers not to use its Accessibility Services -- designed for users with disabilities -- for other purposes that may create security issues, adding that it will remove such apps from its Play Store. To better help users with disabilities, Android has a set of Accessibilit..

  • Salesforce, Google Announce Strategic Cloud Partnership

    In a strategic partnership that is set to disrupt the global Cloud market, US-based Cloud computing company Salesforce has joined Google to deliver smarter, more collaborative experiences for customers. With the industry-first integration of Salesforce with Google Analytics 360, companies will b..

  • Apple Losing Out AI Race To Google, Amazon

    Essentially a hardware-focused firm, Apple is falling behind in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) race with Google and Amazon racing ahead while embracing the open-source and collaborative approach in the emerging field of AI, Fortune reported. According to Mohanbir Sawhney, McCormick Foundation ..

  • Google To Cut Off Its Airfare Feed For Travel Websites

    In an apparent move to take on major travel services providers like Expedia and Orbitz, Google has announced that it will be cutting off developer access to a feed that automates data for airfare search engines. The move could potentially put third-party travel sites in a spot. "The QPX Expr..

  • Google Most Attractive Internet Brand In India

    Google is the most attractive Internet brand in India, followed by online retailer Amazon, Facebook and Flipkart, a new report said on Wednesday. According to "Most Attractive Brands Report 2017" by brands insight company TRA Research, the search engine giant was leading the category in 2015 and ..

  • Security Researcher Found Bugs In Google’s Bug Tracker

    A security researcher has discovered bugs in Google's platform that deals with bugs and unpatched vulnerabilities, leading him to gain access to the company's sensitive internal systems. According to a report in Motherboard in Wednesday, Alex Birsan found vulnerabilities inside the Google Issue T..