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  • US Central Bank Mulls Higher Short-Term Interest Rate
    US Central Bank Mulls Higher Short-Term Interest Rate

    Top officials of the US central bank in Washington are reviewing an option to raise short-term interest rates and by how much, a media report said on Tuesday. Most economists expect the Federal Reserve to boost the benchmark rate a modest quarter of a per cent, to a range between one and 1.25 per..

  • It’s Too Early To Judge Trump’s Proposed Tax Plan: Janet Yellen
    It's Too Early To Judge Trump's Proposed Tax Plan: Janet Yellen

    Washington: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Tuesday that it was too early to judge the tax reform plan proposed by President Donald Trump, but she urged caution on the federal debt front. The 70-year-old Yellen said during an appearance before the Senate's Committee on Banking, Housing..

  • US Dollar Declines Amid Yellen’s Remarks

    New York: The US dollar decreased against most major currencies on Tuesday as investors were digesting Federal Reserve Janet Yellen's remarks during her semi-annual testimony. In her testimony before the US Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday, Yellen reiterated the cautious approach to raising in..

  • US Stocks Rally After Fed Chair Yellen’s Dovish Remarks
    US Stocks Rally After Fed Chair Yellen's Dovish Remarks

    New York, March 30: US stocks posted solid gains on Tuesday, as investors digested the dovish comments from US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 97.72 points, or 0.56 percent, to 17,633.11. The S&P 500 gained 17.96 points, or 0.88 percent, to 2,055.01. The..

  • Key Indian Stock Indices Trade Higher on Wednesday
    Key Indian Stock Indices Trade Higher on Wednesday

    Mumbai, March 30: Key Indian stock indices opened significantly higher on Wednesday on the back of strong global cues after having lost ground the day before. The government's decision on foreign investment in retail trade gave a positive signal over continuity of economic reforms. The sensiti..

  • Will US Fed raise interest rates?
    Will US Fed raise interest rates?

    Washington : The US central bank kicked off a policy meeting that ends Wednesday amid speculation about when the Federal Reserve will raise US interest rates - a move that would impact both advanced and emerging markets like India. The Wall Street Journal suggested that the Fed "is about to injec..

  • Indian markets will correct post-budget: Shankar Sharma
    Indian markets will correct post-budget Shankar Sharma

    The year 2015 has marked the return of volatility to the financial markets. We have seen huge moves in the foreign exchange and bond markets in response to the European Central Bank's Quantitative Easing program, the "Grexit" debate, the surprise move by the Swiss National Bank to abandon the Franc'..