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  • Binge Drinking, Cocaine Abuse May Impair Mental Skills

    Do you have the habit of taking four or more alcohol drinks a day or indulging in drug abuse such as cocaine? Beware, it may lead to impairments in mental skills such as decision-making and planning, researchers have warned. The study showed that the frequency of binge drinking and use of marijua..

  • Single-Parent Kids May Have Lower Well-Being In Adulthood

    Children who grew up in a single-parent family are more likely to have lower levels of well-being and life satisfaction in adulthood, according to new research. The study showed that children brought up by a single parent earn 30 per cent less and are more likely to be unemployed. Further, the..

  • Plagiarism: Designers Worry Over Rip-Offs In Fashion Industry, Mass Market

    Fashion designers work hard to bring out new offerings. They hire several people, keep track of fashion trends and aim at creating something new to attract buyers -- only to see their designs being copied and sold across the country. "These creatures are completely despicable thick skin rhinos, ..

  • Sleep Well To Avoid Eating Junk Food Due To Job Stress

    Stress at your job can lead to overeating and intake of junk food at dinnertime, but there could be a buffer to this harmful pattern. New research suggests that a good night's sleep can serve as a protecting factor between job stress and unhealthy eating in the evening. "We found that employees w..

  • Jewellery Purchasing Trends To Watch Out For

    There are a few jewellery pieces that are a staple in women's wardrobes, chunky bracelets, cocktail rings, ear studs, ornate nose pins and chand balis are few trinkets that are on every womans wish list these days, say experts. Kapil Hetamsaria, co-founder at VelvetCase.com and Sonal Sahrawat, Cr..

  • Sex Can Boost Brain Power In Older Adults

    Staying busy in your bedroom even after age 50 could be good for your brain as researchers have found that older adults who have sex more frequently do better in brain function tests. The researchers found that those who engaged in more regular sexual activity scored higher on tests that measure..

  • Bring Wellness Mantra To Work Culture

    It is very important to emphasise the need and importance of wellness time and again at office. So, the key is to follow an individualistic fitness mantra, and participate in yoga, cycling, swimming, or running events organised by companies, say experts. Jagdish Mitra, Tech Mahind..

  • Father’s Involvement Can Help Kids Stay In Shape

    Fathers' involvement in caregiving is linked to decreased likelihood that children would develop childhood obesity, says a study. The researchers found that fathers' participation in physical child care activities like bathing and dressing children or taking them outside for walks and playtime w..

  • Monsoon Fashion: Uplift Your Mood With Style When It Downpours

    While many wait for the monsoon season to arrive, mucky roads and gloomy weather have the capacity to put off people. Some individuals give up on their fashion choices and put convenience before style during the rainy season. But experts suggest ways in which you can up your game on the fashion q..

  • Beer Most Loved Form Of Alcohol In Metro Cities: Survey

    Individuals living in Gurugram and Bengaluru consume the highest amount of beer with people of Mumbai preferring to get high on hard drinks, according to a survey. Crownit, a consumer group marketing and data platform, conducted a survey across pubs in Gurugram, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru to un..