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  • A Good Memory May Make You Feel Bored Of Experiences Quickly
    A Good Memory May Make You Feel Bored Of Experiences Quickly

    New York: People with large memory capacities tend to get bored faster as they perceive they have experienced things more times because they remember those experiences in more detail and feel more satiated by them, researchers said. "People with larger working memory capacities actually encode in..

  • Soft Drinks Bad For Your Memory, Diet Soda May Be Even Worse

    If you thought switching to diet soda can help you avoid the ill effects associated with sugary soft drinks, think again! Researchers have found that while drinking sugary beverages frequently may lead to poorer memory, daily intake of diet soda may increase the risk of stroke and dementia. Both ..

  • Turmeric Can Gift A Long Lasting Memory.

    According to a new study from the Monash Asia Institute at Monash University in Australia, sprinkling just one gram of turmeric on your breakfast could improve memory for the persons who have trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making decisions that affect th..

  • Over 100 Genes Linked To Memory In Humans Identified

    Researchers have identified more than 100 genes that can help them understand correlations between these genes and human brain activity during memory processing. "This is very exciting because the identification of these gene-to-behaviour relationships opens up new research avenues for testing th..

  • Check Out Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS
    Check Out Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS

    Know Why Android Is Better Than iOS Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android operating system have neve..

  • Drug May Boost Memory In Patients Recovering From Depression

    A drug commonly used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness may enhance memory and cognitive skills such as concentration and attention in patients recovering from depression, says new research. The results showed that patients given a dose of the drug modafinil experienced improvement in memory f..

  • Your Walk May Predict Decline In Memory, Thinking

    Individuals who suffer problems associated with walking such as reduced speed, imbalance, among others, can be at an significant risk of developing decline in memory and thinking, a study has found. Walking is part of the complex cognitive task known as gait that includes everything from a person..

  • After Yoga, Climb A Tree To Boost Your Memory

    New York : You may have attempted this during childhood but climbing a tree and balancing on a beam along with yoga exercises can dramatically improve cognitive skills in adults too, researchers at the University of North Florida have found. By doing activities that make us think, we can exercise..

  • Playing Video Games,Tennis May Enhance Memory

    Activities like playing video games or tennis may help enhance your memory, a study has found. Attention-grabbing experiences release memory-enhancing chemicals in brain, helping to store memories that occur just before or soon after the experience, the study mentioned. "Activation of the locu..

  • Memory Of A Heart Attack Gets Stored In Genes

    The memory of a heart attack gets stored in genes through epigenetic changes -- chemical modifications of DNA that turns our genes on or off, a study has found. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) which are the leading causes of death worldwide are influenced by both heredity and environmental factors..