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  • Losing Weight Can Help Save Money

    Your efforts to get in shape may pay off literally. A new study has found that weight loss for adults at any age leads to cost savings. Even going from obese to overweight leads to lower medical costs and productivity savings, according to the study published online in the journal Obesity. "O..

  • Eating Nuts Can Stave Off Obesity Risk

    Want to shed those extra kilos? Consume nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts in your diet as these can help you reduce weight as well as lower the risk of becoming being overweight and obese, researchers say. The findings showed that people who ate who ate nuts not onl..

  • Obesity, Diabetes Combatting Device Safe For Treatment

    A non-surgical and reversible device for people with Type 2 diabetes and obesity is safe, effective and should be rolled out across the National Health Service (NHS), researchers say. The device -- Endobarrier -- is a reversible treatment that provides people with an alternative to drastic gastr..

  • Sleeping Less Than 6 Hours May Double Death Risk
    Sleeping Less Than 6 Hours May Double Death Risk

    New York: Failing to sleep less than six hours may nearly double the risk of death in people with metabolic syndrome -- a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, researchers have warned. A study found that people with metabolic syndrome who slept for more than six hours were abo..

  • Childhood Obesity May Up Risk Of Depression Later
    Childhood Obesity May Up Risk Of Depression Later

    London: Is your kid overweight? Beware, being obese, especially from a young age may substantially increase a lifetime risk of major depression, researchers have found. The study showed that being overweight at age eight or 13 was associated with more than triple the risk of developing major depr..

  • Mid-Life Obesity-Driven Enzyme Identified: Study
    Mid-Life Obesity-Driven Enzyme Identified: Study

    Washington: US researchers have said that they identified an enzyme that may play a central role in the development of obesity in mid-life. In two groups of mice being fed high-fat foods, those who received an inhibitor that blocked the enzyme had a 40 per cent decrease in weight gain compared wi..

  • Routine Bedtime May Protect Pre-Schoolers From Obesity

    Following routines from a very early age may have many benefits. A new research suggests that regular bedtimes, mealtimes and limited screen time may be linked to better emotional health in pre-schoolers, and that might lower their chances of obesity later. "This study provides more evidence that..

  • Smoking in Pregnancy May Make Children Obese

    Smoking in pregnancy, children skipping breakfast or having insufficient sleep may lead to obesity or weight gain among kids, according to a study. Smoking in pregnancy has been linked to a higher risk of a child being overweight, possibly due to a link between foetal tobacco exposure and infant ..

  • Both Obesity And Low BMI May Up Migraine Risk In Women

    Young women with obesity or underweight conditions may be at an increased risk for migraine, according to a study. Migraine is a headache of varying intensity, often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. The study revealed that people who are obese (defined as a body mass i..

  • Obesity May Influence Blood Tests For Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Being obese or overweight may influence the blood tests used to assess the levels of inflammation for rheumatoid arthritis in women, researchers have found. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that affects joint linings, causing painful swelling. The study revealed that obe..