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  • India Among Top 7 Countries At High Ransomware Risk: Sophos

    India is among the top seven countries for ransomware circulation as cyber attacks on not just Windows but on Android, Linux and MacOS systems have significantly increased this year globally, a new report has warned. According to "SophosLabs 2018 Malware Forecast" by global network and endpoint s..

  • Enterprises Soon To End Reliance On Humans To Fight Cyber Crime

    With a 752 per cent spike in ransomware attacks in 2016 and increasing reliance on machine learning to fight cyber threats, three quarters of businesses (76 per cent) will lessen the need to rely on human judgement to fight cybercrime, a new reserach found on Tuesday. According to the security so..

  • Japan Arrests 14-Year Old For Creating Ransomware

    Japanese authorities on Monday arrested a 14-year-old boy for creating a ransomware virus similar to WannaCry which was responsible for global cyberattacks last month. The boy, a student at a secondary school in Osaka prefecture, is accused of creating the ransomware -- a malware, or malicious so..

  • Citrix Digital Workplace Services To Address Growing Cyber Threats

    Aiming to make governments and enterprises more secure in the wake of the recent global 'WannaCrypt" ransomware attack, leading IT company Citrix on Tuesday announced new secure digital workspace offerings. The new innovations include a new secure digital workspace, Cloud services and a new pro..

  • New, Scarier Ransomware ‘EternalRocks’ Found

    After a host of different ransomware attacks that hit enterprises across the globe, security researchers have now identified a new strain of malware "EternalRocks" that is more dangerous than WannaCry and is potentially tougher to fight. According to the researchers, "EternalRocks" exploits the s..

  • Global Ransomware Virus Hits 19 Kenyan Firms

    At least 19 organisations in Kenya have been affected by the ransomware virus in an ongoing global hacking attack. Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) on Friday issued the update, noting the "WannaCryptor" virus has infected networks and computers the East African nation. The number is an in..

  • Reporting Ransomware, Other Cyber Threats Your Legal Obligations

    The Wannacry ransomware outbreak that continues to unravel across the globe is the latest in a long line of prominent cyber security threats. With time, these attacks are only likely to become more frequent, sophisticated and widespread. The Indian IT Secretary recently stated that the impact of ..

  • Ransomware Attack Stems In Gujarat Affecting Government Office Computers

    As ransomware cyber attack continues, more networks of Gujarat government came under attack on the second day with virus spreading in many districts where government office computers were infected with virus. On Tuesday, computers in government offices in Bharuch, Amreli, Patan, Ahmedabad and Ana..

  • Ransomware Cyber Attack Hits Gujarat Government Network

    Several hundred computers of various departments of the Gujarat government have been affected by ransomware cyber attack. The IT services were halted or crashed in the department computers of the regional transport offices (RTO), several district collectors and police stations. As a precaution..

  • No Indication Of Second Surge Of Cyber Attacks In UK: Official
    No Indication Of Second Surge Of Cyber Attacks In UK: Official

    London: The head of Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA) said on Monday that there is "no indication of a second surge of cases (cyber attacks) here in the UK", but that does not mean there won't be one. The spread of the ransomware, known as Wanna Decryptor, has affected over 150 countries. The..