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  • Sex, Aggression Overlap In Male Brains

    Brain structures that control aggressive and sexual behaviour are controlled differently in females, but they tend to overlap in males, a new study has found. Male circuits for sex and aggression were earlier traced to a distinct part of the hypothalamus, known as the ventromedial hypothalamus, ..

  • Sex Is A Reality People Don’t Want To Acknowledge: Actor Pranav Sachdev

    Actor Pranav Sachdev, currently seen in filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's erotic thriller web series "Hadh", says sex as a subject is a reality that people don't want to talk about. Asked why is the genre of erotic-thriller considered distasteful, Pranav told IANS over phone: "In my opinion, no genre is d..

  • Sex Not Only For Lovers But Also For Fitness Freaks!!

    Sex Not Only For Lovers But Also For Fitness Freaks Many of us might have given different reasons for not goi..

  • Mel B Fears Belafonte Will Show Sex Tapes In Court

    Singer Mel B has asked a judge to seal her divorce and restraining order cases as she fears her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte will play their sex tapes in public. According to new documents filed by the singer, and obtained by tmz.com, Belafonte intends to enter 54 videos as exhibits in the..

  • Supreme Court Reserves Verdict On Plea To Criminalise Sex In Child Marriage

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday reserved its verdict on a plea challenging the provision of the Indian Penal Code that exempts a person from being charged with rape for having sex with his wife in child marriage -- even if she is below the age of 18 years but above 15 years. The bench of Justice M..

  • 4 Sexy Ways to Burn Calories

    KISSING: 68 CALORIES PER HOUR Not only is smooching a great way to show affection and improve your bond as a couple, it..

  • 7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Having Regular Sex

    Makes you look younger A study found that couples in their 60s still having regular sex looked betwee..

  • Clarke, Harrington’s ‘Weird’ Sex Scene

    Actors Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington say their "Game of Thrones" sex scene was "weird" and their characters will be shocked to find out they are related. Clarke, who portrays Daenerys Targaryen, and Harrington, who plays Jon Snow in the fantasy drama TV series, says that gagging is probably t..

  • Here Is Why Your Sex Drive May Be In The Dumps!

    Are you already feeling low on your libido? Here's what the problem could be and how you can overcome it... In the past it was assumed that women approaching menopause were the ones who faced a loss of desire but today even women in their 30s are losing their libido. Today, more and more younger ..

  • Steven Soderbergh Compares Filmmaking To Sex

    Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh says his approach to filmmaking is the same as his approach to lovemaking. "I view it (filmmaking) the way I view sex. If I accidentally give someone else pleasure during it, I'm fine with that," Soderbergh, who has helmed films like "Sex, Lies, and Videotape", "Erin B..