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  • Change Your Twitter Password Urgently Otherwise…

    It is time to change your Twitter password now as the micro-blogging platform has asked its 336 million users to do so across its services after it discovered a bug that stored passwords in plain text in an internal system. In a blog post on Thursday, Twitter said it recently identified a bug tha..

  • 5 Priests Suspended From Church For Sexually Abuse Woman In Kerala

    A case of sexual harassment of a woman has been revealed by five priests in a church in Kerala. Following the disclosure of the case, the accused priests have been removed from their post. The husband of the woman living in Thiruvalla of Kottayam district of Kerala has shared an audio clip. In this ..

  • Virat Kohli’s Wife Anushka Asked Man To Stop Throwing Garbage On The Road And He Slammed Anushka…

    Anushka Sharma, wife of Team India captain Virat Kohli, has come out to the boy who had been declared false to throw garbage on the road. Let's say that the boy has now responded to both the social media on Virat-Anushka's video. This boy is being named Arhaan. Arhaan Singh, who lives in Mumbai, ..

  • Facebook Takes This Step To Curb Data Leakage Of The Users

    Facebook has finally begun its crackdown on third-party apps from stealing, sharing or spamming your data without permission from its platform as well as from Instagram. In a post on its developers' page late on Tuesday, Facebook said the new apps "created from today onwards will not have access ..

  • After Facebook, Another Social Media Platform ‘Twitter’ Faces Worldwide Outrage

    For the second time this week, Twitter users around world faced difficulties in sharing their thoughts on the microblogging platform, the media reported. Twitter confirmed the problem on Friday and said it had resolved the issue. "Earlier today, people were unable to send Tweets for about 30 m..

  • Here Is How Facebook Collects Data Even When Users Are Logged Out

    Facebook, embattled in a scandal over the mishandling of user data, confirmed Monday that it also collected information from people beyond their social network use. During heated hearings in Congress last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg had already explained that Facebook collects data beyond what user..

  • Will Social Media Replace Traditional Media As Democracy’s Fourth pillar?

    The increasing polarisation among media in India -- and perhaps across the world -- has led to an unprecedented trust deficit in everyday news. What was once regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy today finds itself under the scrutiny of citizens as tainted news published with self-securing moti..

  • Here’s Why Kangana Ranaut’s Not On Social Media

    Actress Kangana Ranaut says she is not on social media because she finds it very consuming. Kangana expressed her thought on social media when she became part of TV show "Vh1 Inside Access", a statement to IANS said. "I am not on social media for many reasons and one of them is that I feel it'..

  • Yo Yo Honey Singh Hits 9 Million Followers On INSTAGRAM

    There was a round in Bollywood when everyone was crazy about a new trend. These trends were rap in Bollywood songs and trendsetters were 'Yo Yo Honey Singh'. The rapper was already in Bollywood but Honey Singh's rap was such a huge hit that in one round no one song remained incomplete without his ..

  • Odisha: Government Relaxes Curfew For Ram Navami Celebrations

    The Odisha government on Sunday relaxed curfew after over a week in Bhadrak town and nearby areas for Ram Navami celebrations. The restrictions were relaxed from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. to bring out a Ram Navami procession. The curfew was imposed last week as a precautionary measure to avoid violen..