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  • 70% Smartphone Apps Share Your Data With Third-Party Services

    More than 70 per cent of smartphone apps are reporting personal data to third-party tracking companies like Google Analytics, the Facebook Graph API or Crashlytics, warns a new study. When people install a new Android or iOS app, it asks the user's permission before accessing personal information..

  • Facebook Considering Secret Tracking Via Webcam

    Social media giant Facebook is planning to secretly watch and record users through their webcams and smartphone cameras. "According to a newly discovered patent, the company will use technology to see how facial expressions of users change when they come across different types of content on the ..

  • ASUS Launches Battery-Extending App For Zenfone Max Series

    Taiwanese smartphone maker ASUS on Thursday announced a new app for its Zenfone Max series devices. The "PowerMaster" app provides intelligent ways of charging, reducing energy consumption on unnecessary apps, and allows the users to enjoy better battery performance. "With the 'PowerMaster' ap..

  • BlackBerry Launches New Software For Secure ‘Connected’ Cars

    BlackBerry has launched a new software platform to help automakers create safe and secure connected vehicles. The new platform called "QNX Hypervisor 2.0" is based on QNX SDP 7.0, BlackBerry's secure 64-bit embedded operating system that enables developers to partition and isolate safety-critical..

  • Microsoft Releases ‘Face Swap’ App

    Microsoft has launched a new app called 'Face Swap' that will let users stick their faces onto different scenes and different characters. "Face Swap", currently available on Google Play store (and soon to be on Apple iOS), uses Microsoft's search engine Bing's image search technology to put a use..

  • Google’s Virtual Assistant ‘Home’ Facing Glitches

    Google pinned a lot of hope on its virtual assistant 'Home' to take on Amazon's 'Alexa' but it appears that it has gone bonkers with the users reporting indifferent behaviour from 'Home'. The virtual assistant is spitting out errors instead of controlling smart home devices and answering question..

  • Facebook To Launch Messaging App For Teens

    In a bid to protect vulnerable teenagers from online bullying and exploitation, Facebook is reportedly launching a new messaging app that will allow parents to monitor who their children are in contact with. The app, called Talk, cannot be searched by general public but just by the teens who use ..

  • Facebook Refuses To Remove Revenge Porn Post

    In a stark contrast to community standards, Facebook has reportedly refused to remove a fat shaming, revenge porn post published in a secret, gender exclusive group that has over 14,000 male members. According to a report in Northern Star on Tuesday, the post showed a man having sex with a female..

  • Instagram Doesn’t ‘Copy’ Snapchat But ‘Builds’ On It, Says CEO

    Does Instagram copy Snapchat? Most of you will instantly agree it does but for Instagram CEO, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is just "building" on Snapchat. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, Kevin Systrom said that even if Snapchat had all of these features before, it..

  • Infosys, HP Partner To Offer New Enterprise Service

    Software major Infosys is partnering with American multinational Hewlett-Packard (HP) to offer a new service for the digital transformation of global enterprises, said the IT major on Thursday. "Our joint Retail Point of Sale (RPoS) and Enterprise Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions will help e..