Can’t Download Purchased Music from iTunes on Mac or PC? Quick Fix

November 25, 2015 Author: Krishna Joshi

I often purchase some of my favorite music from iTunes on my Mac or PC. The gazillion of options and most significantly, the genuine quality make me purchase content from iTunes.

While downloading a purchased music from iTunes, I have faced with an error, “There was an error downloading your purchased music” or “An unknown error occurred.” Tried all I could, I haven’t been able to fix the issue. Is there any way I can get rid of it?

Of course, you can resolve this issue. Let’s try out these solutions!

Solution One

Check software that affects your Internet connection

Your purchased content can get stuck at downloading, if your connection times out. The software such as, Web accelerators, Ad filters, Firewall, and Virus protection software may be the cause of connection time out. The software may be affecting how your Mac or PC sends and receives information from the Internet:

If you have the above mentioned software on your Mac or PC and you are unable to access the iTunes Store or just can’t download the purchased content, you will need to configure the software to let iTunes connect to the internet; allowing the domains such as itunes.apple.com, albert.apple.com, as.itunes.apple.com to send and receive data from the internet.

Additionally, you can contact your internet service provider or software manufacturer, just in case a web accelerator might be causing the issue. Alternately, you can try to use different computer on the network.

Solution Two:

If you encounter the error while downloading a purchased video:

You can get rid of the error by removing the cached video files for the download. And then, starting the download process all over again.

First off, you will need to go to the downloads folder on your Mac or computer:

On Mac OS X: You need to go to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Downloads

On Windows Vista: You have to visit \Users\username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Downloads\

On Windows 7/ Windows 8: Visit \Users\username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Downloads\

On Windows XP: You will have to go to \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Downloads\

Find out the folder that has the cached video file for this purchase:
On Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8: The folder name of the purchased video will end with .tmp.
On Windows XP: The folder named for the purchased video will end with .m4v.tmp
Next up, you need to move the .tmp folder to the Trash or Recycle Bin.
Up next, you have to launch iTunes>Choose Store and then check for available downloads
Now, you have to enter your name and password and then click on the Check button
That’s all! Share your experience if you are able to solve this issue.