How Fake News Rules Social Media? Reason Behind Fake News Getting Viral Is Here

April 4, 2018 Author: Dushyant Goswami

False and misleading news has become a major concern in the current time of digitization. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued an order yesterday to take action against journalists spreading fake news, but today it was reversed after the intervention of the PMO. Research has revealed that Fake News usually gets viral and attention six times faster than real news.

According to research report cited by ABC News says that on tweeter fakes news usually gets viral rapidly rather than the authentic news. Team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made researches on Fake News.

Report says that false reports get more viral and spread widely. Not only the political news but the fake news associated with natural disaster, science or business also gets viral increasingly. Report also says that if you want to deliver an authentic news to 1500 people, it will spread over six times less than Fake News.

Why people resort towards fake news over real and authentic news?

There is a surprise element in Fake News. At the same time man's behavior is also responsible for making such reports viral. Usually the man is preoccupied with bias. Readers find news in the website to satisfy the ideas sitting in their mind.

Reader wants to satisfy prejudiced notion, belief toward any topic . The researchers say that Fake News is more interesting, because you can build information and anticipation in it. Due to this reason the reader's attention is drawn very quickly. If a news on the twitter is wrong and fake, then the probability of being getting retweeted becomes 70 percent more. Many times the purpose of Fake News is to spread sensation.