India’s Most Expensive Scooter @ Rs.2 Lakh: Scomadi TT125 Launching In India

June 10, 2018 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    India’s Most Expensive Scooter

    As the Indian economy is growing rapidly, the investment of the companies is also increasing. Many foreign auto companies are coming to India and in this order Scomadi's name has now been added. It is a British scooter manufacturing company. This company is quite famous for making Lambrata GP Style Models. Together with a Chinese company, it is set up in Thailand. Now it is ready to come to India. After coming to India, it will bring custom quality scooters.
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    India’s Most Expensive Scooter

    To come to India, Scomadi has joined hands with the Pune-based AJ Performance, which is known for doing top-class customization of cars, bikes. Scomadi debuted in 2005. Scomadi will start with the launch of the TT 125 scooter in India. It can be launched in May 2018.
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    India’s Most Expensive Scooter

    Schomadi scooters will be imported from Thailand. These will be brought together as a CBU or a fully built unit. Wide range of customization colors and paint schemes will be seen in scooters. In India, the X showroom price of Scomadi TT 125 scooter will be Rs 1.98 lakhs. It is almost twice as expensive as Vespa.