Zuckerberg: In Next 5 Years Facebook will be Mostly Video

November 8, 2014 Author:
mark says facebook video soon

If you are annoyed with the videos display in your facebook timeline, just wait because more is yet to come.
On Thursday Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) said “In five years, most of [Facebook] will be video,”. Mark said this statement during the company’s first community town hall. The questions came from the public on various topics which Mark answered.

A question was asked about whether the growing number of photos uploaded to Facebook is putting a drag on Facebook’s infrastructure. He replied to the question that Facebook’s data centers have it covered. The real challenge is improving the infrastructure to allow for more rich media like video in people’s feeds.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered the questions from a group of users who were invited to its headquarters in Menlo Park, California, and people also submitted questions online.

One of the common question to Mark for Facebook was that why Facebook forced users to download its Messenger app for mobile.

Mark replied that not everyone was thrilled with the change.
He said in an answer,”“Asking everyone in our community to install another app is a big ask”. But Facebook thought it could provide a better, faster messaging product if it split it off from its own app.

He added, “We really believe this is a better experience”.

In the community hall, one Facebook user asked him if Facebook is losing its charm or becoming boring.
This question about Facebook losing its “cool” gets raised from time to time, Zuckerberg said,” but my goal was never to make Facebook cool, I just want it to be a helpful service that just works”.

Another user at community hall from audience asked why he always seems wear the same t-shirts and hoodies. Zuckerberg replied that he wants to spend as much time as possible on things that matter, like how
to build products, even if it means thinking less about what he wears.
Mark even quoted the legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs saying, “Steve Jobs had the same approach”.