Six Most Haunted Roads In India That Will Thrill Your Spine

May 19, 2017 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    Kasara ghat, Mumbai-Nashik highway

    The stretch of the Mumbai -Nashik Highway passing through a place called Kasara Ghat is said to be haunted. The Kasara Ghat has seen many accidents and has been used as the dumping ground of murder victims, so a lot of restless souls haunt Kasara Ghat.
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    Kashedi Ghat, Mumbai-Goa Highway

    the Kashedi Ghat on Mumbai Goa Highway that is considered haunted. People say that the ghost of a mysterious person tries to stop vehicles passing this stretch, and when someone refuses to do so, the car meets with a major accident.
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    Lane East Coast Road- Chennai

    two-lane East Coast road is hard to believe for its supernatural connection. People said to house a ghost wandering on the path during late night hours. It is said that the ghost of a young lady resides here and troubles riders by appearing before them. The lady in white makes drivers lose their focus and leading them to fatal accidents.
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    Sathyamangalam Wildlife, NH209 -Tamil Nadu

    The stretch of National Highway passning through Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary is said to be the most haunted road in Tamil Nadu. It used to be the home of legendary Indian bandit Veerapan. People have heard screams here and have even seen floating lights.
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    East Coast Road, Chennai- Puducherry

    Road trip from Chennai to Puducherry, you will come across the East Coast Road, which is considered to be a driver's delight. The road is badly lit and is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a lady wearing a white saree who distracts drivers, leading to deadly accidents.
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    National Highway 33- Jamshedpur

    This highway is infamous for the accidents and surprisingly high number of deaths. This is the only highway in India where the number of fatal accidents is more than the number of non-fatal accidents. People claim that the valley is haunted and an evil soul is behind most of the accidents.